Natural Salt Bath Soaks

Natural Salt Bath Soaks

Who doesn't like a relaxing bath before bed? We bring you aromatherapy and detox experience at your home! Bathing in salts, oils, flowers and herbs is a wonderful therapeutic experience, helping body to release physical and emotional stress, as well as promote relaxation and grounding in body, mind and soul.

Salt Baths help to detox the body, relieve muscle tension, hydrate the skin, and promote healthy sleep balance. Take a look at our amazing selection of beautiful Detox & Aromatherapy Bath Soaks, take a bath, and relax.

We also feature a natural fine mesh Colloidal Oatmeal Powder that is enhanced with chamomile & banana extracts and works wonders at moisturizing dry skin conditions, such as flaky skin, dry patches, or eczema in children. This powder is rich in beta glucan and avenanthramides, which acts as a natural, deep penetrating moisturizers that reduce the itching caused by dry skin. It is also enhanced with potassium and vitamin A, that are very soothing for dry skin. 

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