Other Natural Products

Other Natural Products

Our popular Anti Cellulite cream includes a variety of powerful ingredients such as hot chill peppers, green tea coffee oil, and honey that accelerate blood circulation, heat up the skin surface, thus "melting fat" and promote its excretion from the body. 

Our Aloe After Sun Natural Gel effectively calms the skin after prolonged exposure outside, removes itching and heals sub burns. And our popular line of natural deodorants contain no aluminum or baking soda, which make them suitable ever for the most sensitive skin type. Our sun block creams are completely naural and free of chemicals.

Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera in our sanitizers provide long-lasting and intense hydration, while bringing nourishment and luster to dry, cracked, or sensitive hands.  We also have an amazing eczema and dermatitis cream that is very popular with our clients.

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