Natural Body Butters & Oils

Natural Body Butters & Oils

Enjoy our Natural Whipped Body Butter Collection with an amazing selection of scents for everyone taste. Body butters effectively nourish the skin, accelerate skin healing and enhance skin barrier functions. In practice, this means that even very dry skin will quickly turn into a silky rejuvenated skin.

 We also feature two natural body oils in this category. Our Natural Regenerating Wonder TLC Body Oil is amazing to use right after bath or shower to deeply rejuvenate, replenish, and nourish all skin types. We also have an Organic Massage & Body Oil Blend that goes on smoothly, providing an easy glide with the right amount of friction, and offers a broad range of massage modalities

Take a look at our variety of products below, and give it a try! Loved by so many of our regular clients.

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