Natural Hands & Body Wash

Natural Hands & Body Wash

Our Natural Moisturizing Hands & Body Wash collection contains organic coconut, avocado and sunflower oils, blended with gentle COSMO approved surfactant and skin enhancing ingredients. Pamper your body with luxurious lather that gently cleanses and softens the skin while leaving it feeling clean and refreshed.

Perfect for all skin types, but specifically helpful to dry and sensitive skin. FREE OF Sulfates, Petrochemicals, SLS/SLES, Paraben, Synthetic Colorants. Ph balanced to 5.5 to mimic the ph levels of healthy natural skin. Suitable for older kids, teenagers, women and men. 

You will also find one of our top sellers in this category - Natural Microbiome Balancing Intimate Wash. It takes into account the physiological characteristics of intimate areas and does not dry out the skin. This natural intimate wash provides a long-lasting feeling of comfort, freshness and cleanliness. Suitable for both men and women. 

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