Natural Cleansers, Scrubs & Masks

Natural Cleansers, Scrubs & Masks

Face cleansing is an important first step in the proper face care routine. For face cleaning, we believe in products that do not contain a single drop of soap, as even the most natural soap will have a drying and damaging effect to the skin, especially to dry and sensitive skin types.

Our line of Natural Nourishing Face Cleansers includes a variety of products that effectively clean skin and contain completely natural ingredients such as dead sea mud, natural clays, botanical extracts, natural powders, flower water, essential oils, and more! 

Take a look at our selection of natural face ubtan powders for different skin types, non-drying make-up removers, face scrubs and face masks. If you need advice, we are always here to help, just send us an email through our contact form. 

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