PIGMENTATION Treatment Natural Products

PIGMENTATION Treatment Natural Products

What are the early signs of skin pigmentation? Since pigmentation patches most often come up on face-cheeks, nose and forehead, you should watch out for the first signs in these areas. Most often pigmentation occurs on mature skin types, anywhere after 30-35 years of age. Any form of skin discoloration and uneven appearance of the skin could be the beginning of a pigmented patch in that area, and it is best to take care of it right away.

It is best to use our Skin Pigmentation Natural Beauty Line as a complete complex, as active ingredients are different in each product, and you will get faster and better results that way.

We have a complete Skin Pigmentation complex here for you - face cream, face toner, face serums, make-up remover, face scrub, face ubtan powder and our signature peeling serum.

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