Handmade vs. Commercial

What do we pay for when we buy skincare products from a general store?

If we take ordinary brands such as Lancôme, L'Oreal, Este Lauder and other large and small cosmetics companies, most often products’ cost is determined by marketing and sales expenses - the company spends the largest amount of budget on this: how much was spent on advertising on the Internet and popular magazines, how much did it cost to invite a star or influencer for a promo product, how much did a fancy face cream jar with Swarovski crystals cost, commission percentage for sales at department stores, salaries, rent, operating expenses, and so on. Therefore, the company has little to spend on the ingredients of the actual product, and unfortunately, we end up paying a lot of money for a product that has extremely poor quality.

We often go to general stores and look at the composition analysis of popular brand products hoping to see good quality ingredients there. Unfortunately, in most cases, the picture repeats itself. After water, the ingredient list begins with pure chemicals, and that makes up the majority of the product we use on our skin. At the end of the ingredients list, there are some carrier oils, extracts and vitamins - just for show, so to speak, because in the percentage that they are added to the product, there is no benefit from them! Companies also add a lot of different aggressive preservatives to products -  so the company can mass produce those products in huge batches, store them in warehouses for years in hot and cold weather, and from there deliver products to stores where they are kept further and do not spoil. 

Some brands do not list the ingredients on product labels at all, and of course not everyone will go to company’s website and study what really goes on their skin. And the most interesting thing is that cosmetics industry is not very strictly regulated, poor quality cosmetics are allowed on stores’ shelves without proper examination and labeling. We have seen products that claim to be 100% natural, when the ingredients show a completely different picture.

And this is how brand companies get us! We trust brand names, attractive commercials, “certified by pediatricians” labels on children's products, high prices (product must be good if it costs that much, right?), beautiful packaging, and we often buy really poor quality products at astronomical prices!

 What do we pay for when we buy natural handmade skincare products?

When it comes to natural handmade cosmetics - the picture is completely different. This is how My Skincare Oasis operates and manages to make truly natural products of amazing quality at a fair price.  We spend $0 on advertising, yes zero! Our client base grows at a fast pace from referrals alone. People who try our products love the quality and the difference it makes on their skin, become our regular clients, and of course tell their friends and relatives about us. We don’t have salaries, commissions, and other marketing and operating expenses that commercial brands incur. Our packaging is simple, we make our own labels, and of we don’t put Swarovski crystals on face cream jars. We also don’t invite popular stars for products promos’.

When you buy products from My Skincare Oasis, you are paying for the natural quality ingredients that go on your skin! We work with suppliers that offer the highest quality ingredients that have proper certifications and get inspected on a regular basis. For example, there are many variations of rosehip oil, but we only source the organic version from our suppliers, even though it costs twice as much as a regular rosehip oil. But trust us, it does make a big difference on your skin, and that’s what we want! When adding that organic rosehip oil into the product, we make sure enough is added to have an actual effect on the skin. In many commercial brands, unfortunately, such ingredients are listed at the very bottom of the list, meaning the concentration is extremely small and won’t make the difference. We use only mild preservatives and foaming agents that are approved for use in natural products and will never cause any harm to your body. Therefore, our products are always made fresh, contain no chemicals, and can be stored for only a few months.

That is why people value natural skincare products so much – you get exactly what you pay for – natural quality products made fresh every single time!